Mills College Art Museum

September 18 - December 8, 2019

Featuring artworks by Kathryn Andrews (Los Angeles), castaneda/reiman (San Francisco), Dario Robleto (Houston), and Weston Teruya (San Francisco), In Plain Sight points to the covert systems that shape our environments and perceptions. A seeming paradox, the phrase “hiding in plain sight” simultaneously implies obscurity and exposure, secrets under cover of the obvious. Through layering, embedding, and substituting materials the exhibition give form to otherwise intangible forces. 

The exhibition centers aesthetic strategies that reward what the writer Rebecca Solnit calls “slow seeing”—a discipline that practices observation to allow for the content of artworks to make a meaningful impression. Sculpture is emphasized throughout the exhibition, blurring the boundaries between object, image, and text, to provide a conceptual anchor for subjects concerning transformation and authenticity. The artists in the show reference history, art history, pop culture, science, and identity to underscore that, in addition to reason, our understanding of the world is informed by our complex emotional relationships to phenomena that sensory perception takes for granted.

In Plain Sight is curated by Daniel Nevers.

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