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  • Landscape with Mantle (collage), 2011

    Found mantle, pigment print, paint 100.5 x 134 x 7 inches

  • Installation detail

    wood, drywall, latex paint, cast bronze, acrylic

  • Still Life Landscape (Document), 2011

    Archival inkjet print 27.75 x 41.75 inches

  • Still Life Landscape (Sculpture), 2011

    Pigment printed drywall, wood, acrylic, paint 40 x 119 x 15 inches

  • Still Life Landscape with Wall, 2011

    Pigment print on drywall, cast plaster, wood 60.5 x 35.5 x 14 inches

Still Life Landscape

Baer Ridgway Exhibitions, San Francisco CA

June 4 - July 16, 2011

Baer Ridgway Exhibitons is pleased to present Still Life Landscape, an exhibition of new works by castaneda/reiman. Charlie Castaneda and Brody Reiman make objects that live in installations. For Still Life Landscape, castaneda/reiman have chosen a dozen anonymous landscape paintings from their personal, longtime collection as the source material and foundation for new works. Sculpture behaves as painting, presenting an encounter with nature and the domestic. Entire works are abstractions functioning as landscapes, with materials representing construction, habitation, and sculptural tradition.

Still Life Landscape examines and isolates the subjects of these painted landscapes (sky, ground, horizon, mountain, lake, sea, place) and how their range of representation allow us to blend our own memories of place, while highlighting the role that landscape painting and imagery have in the home. Re-conceptualizing landscape’s role in the domestic interior provides an inventive repurposing of the interplay amid fabrication and nature.

castaneda/reiman’s construction of landscape refers simultaneously to the seemingly casual placement of still life subjects and compositions while also questioning the relationship an object has to its foundation, in turn increasing its dependency on the structure it inhabits. We have all experienced casually placing an object somewhere not out of aesthetics and conscious decision-making, but out of an immediate need or function. With time, our visual definition of this assemblage is modified. A heavy box is left at the top of the stairs awaiting assistance in being moved; a carefully placed porcelain figurine breaks and is left in pieces waiting to be reassembled. Paintings are lined up and stacked prior to being hung. Eventually these become naturalized subjects of casual still lives.

Still Life Landscape concentrates on the reinterpretation of these subjects through replicas, modified versions of originals and stand-ins. Such stand-ins function as an amalgam of personal and borrowed memory. In addition, castaneda/reiman asked 8 painters to choose one of the source paintings and recreate their own versions; the only parameter being to preserve the original scale. These 8 paintings will be displayed in the Baer Ridgway Project Space. From the many replicas and reinterpretations, new originals emerge.